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One of the school’s outstanding features is its unique student Leadership structure which comprises an Executive, a Prefect body, a Mentoring programme and a LRC.

The four members of the Executive fulfil the multi-faceted functions of the traditional Head and Deputy Head Prefects, with each assuming one of four portfolios: High School, Junior School, Humanities, and Sport. A body of Prefects completes the elected leadership; they are complemented by the Grade 12 students who are appointed as Mentors for the Junior School and Library.

We have Captains and Vice Captains of Houses, Spirit, Sports and Humanities, all of whom play a vital and active role in leading these activities. In addition, each registration class elects a Class-Captain and a Vice Class-Captain; an elected Learner Representative speaks on its behalf at regular forums.

Thus every girl has a very real opportunity to develop her particular leadership skills.



Head of High School:

Rachel Springate

Head of Junior School:

Kelly Conradt

Head of Sports:

Bella Thompson

Head of Humanities:

Kamryn Smith


Head of High-School 2017, Rachel Springate, leading the school at our Dedication Mass

The newly elected Head of Junior School 2017, Kelly Conradt, taking the pledge of office



Justine Binedell
Eudine Duval
Jordyn Emanuel
Amahle Getsemane
Nyasha Mandimika

Alexandra Morey
Tatum Nimmo
Jaime-Ann Prentice
Que-Anne Southwood
Caitlin Wagenaar



Head Mentor

Shavania Chetty

Kirsten Berry
Robyn-Lee Bester
Rebecca Bigwood
Erin Bloch
Daniela Borrageiro
Shana Bryson
Jenna Burczak
Jenna Burnill
Talia Chetty
Jordan Close
Julia de Vos
Rebecca Emond
Dana Evans
Jasmine Finegan
Chelsea Gerritsen
Victoria Golten
Drew Haller
Shelby Henry
Britney Hughes
Robyn Schnell
Samantha Schnell
Andiswa Shangase
Tyla Simpson

Dianka James
Alexandra Keal
Emily Kirby
Leanne Knight
Georgia Machanik
Genevieve Marshall
Samantha Mather
Melissa Matthews
Kayla McElligott
Danyelle McGregor
Jessica Metcalf
Samantha Metcalf
Emma Montocchio
Nomsizi Mtolo
Kendra Munger
Sheba Nana-Oppong
Nothando Ncwane
Samantha Nel
Siobhan Redshaw
Megan Reid
Jayde Visagie
Erin Ward
Crystal Wonfor


Our Mentors play a vital role in the school, forging strong bonds with their charges.

Talia and the Grade 2


House Captains

Captain = C and Vice-Captain = V

St Anthony’s

C: Jordyn Emanuel
V: Justine Binedell

St Patrick’s

C: Sheba Nana-Oppong
V: Caitlin Wagenaar

St Stephen’s

C: Que-Anne Southwood
V: Genevieve Marshall


Sports Captains

Captain = C and Vice-Captain = V

Cross Country

C: Siobhan Redshaw
V: Kirsten Berry


C: Bella Thompson
V: Genevieve Marshall

Horse Riding

C: Robyn-Lee Bester


C: Alexandra Morey
V: Nomsizi Mtolo


C: Shana Bryson
V: Rebekha Grossi (Gr. 11)


C: Erin Bloch


C: Samantha Schnell
V: Samantha Nel

Touch Rugby

C: Naomi Maujean (Gr. 11)


Cultural Captains

Captain = C and Vice-Captain = V

YDC = Young Dominican Christians


C: Que-Anne Southwood
V: Jaime-Anne Prentice


C: Kamryn Smith

Hall Management

C: Danyelle McGregor
V: Caitlin Slade

Head Altar Server

Busisiwe Khoza


C: Talia Chetty
V: Franscesca Stavrinou (Gr. 11)


C: Nothando Ncwane
V: Sheba Nana-Oppong


C: Justine Binedell


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