Primary School

Welcome to the Primary School, where a world of possibility is explored. Our intention is to develop the whole person, producing confident, balanced and resourceful young ladies with a strong sense of self and faith in God.

The start of a wonderful learning journey

The Primary School is divided into the Foundation Phase, Grades 1 – 3, and the Senior Primary, Grades 4 – 7.

Our holistic curriculum, throughout the Primary School, is based on the National Curriculum of South Africa (CAPS), with a strong emphasis on the IEB encouraged philosophy of problem solving using interpretive and analytical thinking. A strong focus is placed on emotional and spiritual development.

Aftercare is offered on campus from Grade 1 –4.

Our girls leave the Primary School phase of their learning journey filled with vigour, and an innate sense of learning, finding joy in doing their best.

Foundation Phase

Grades 1-3

Our Foundation Phase is the start of formal education and the beginning of a 12-year amazing adventure, filled with new friends to make, stories to explore and discoveries to unfold.


Embracing innovation and prioritising a child-centred approach are integral elements of our curriculum, which is carefully crafted to align with global educational trends and best practices. Our classrooms foster an environment where our girls are empowered to reach their personal best through a combination of group and class instruction.

Within the Foundation Phase Curriculum, we focus on English, Mathematics and Life Skills, and follow the IEB curriculum for Language and Mathematics. Our girls are introduced to our two additional languages, Afrikaans and isiZulu from Grade 1, with an emphasis placed on developing their speaking and communication skills.  Interactive technology in the classrooms and in the specialised computer room forms part of our comprehensive computer, and coding and robotics curriculum.

We have a number of specialist teachers who are essential to our holistic offering of a spiritual, academic, sporting and cultural education. Girls participate in Physical Education, Information Technology, Drama, Music, Art and Library lessons.


Our extramural programme is designed to instil a love for sport and culture. Through our in-house and private activities which include music, environmental club, experi-buddies, dance, rhythmic gymnastics, netball, hockey, cross-country, swimming and mini-tennis; we strive to create a positive and encouraging environment.

The girls are given opportunities for creative expression, to build self-confidence and develop fundamental motor skills and foster camaraderie. As we are a coastal school, we strive to ensure that when the girls progress into the senior primary phase, they are all water safe. 

Senior Primary

Grades 4-7

Our Senior Primary offers a safe learning space that provides a progressive integrated academic curriculum, an extensive cultural and extramural programme and intentional leadership development. It is here that our girls live a learning experience of growth mindset, created by the knowledge that each young lady is unique, gifted and free to “learn, unlearn and re-learn” again.


The core school subjects are offered, with a focus on the skills needed to create passionate, creative and life-long learners. Afrikaans is offered as our first additional language and isiZulu as our second additional language from Grade 4, with a choice of isiZulu as first additional from Grade 7. Inquiry-based and subject-blended learning enables our girls to dive into authentic learning opportunities that engage them in complex problem solving and critical investigations.

The integration of technology, as an integral 21st century tool of learning is a regular feature in all grades. Computers and iPads are used in a positive, responsible and age-appropriate manner providing convenient access to current information, and valuable lessons through a variety of applications. A coding and robotics curriculum is followed throughout the phase.

Beginning in Grade 3, Philosophy for Children (P4C) lessons add to our holistic curriculum by fostering creative thinking, encouraging intellectual curiosity, and promoting purposeful reflection.


Our extramural programme is numerous and dynamic and encourages our girls to participate in an inclusive, active and culturally diverse lifestyle.

Sports activities include netball, action netball, indoor and outdoor hockey, swimming, tennis, soccer, cross country, athletics, rhythmic gymnastics and water polo. Our dedicated coaches guide our students in developing their skills, promoting sportsmanship and embracing the joy of competition, whilst aiming to instil values which extend beyond the playing field. Our cultural activities provide a platform for self-expression and creativity through music, choir, debating, drama, smART club, sewing, chess, environmental club and computer club.